Superfuse set to trip into Early Access

Outside of the property of certain massive comic brands we don’t see a huge amount of superhero-based videogames. Obviously, it’s awesome swinging your way around New York as a certain much-loved arachnid or knocking heads in Gotham as an infamous, deep-speaking bat. There’s something nice, though about meeting a character that nobody knows yet and taking part in their story. The reason why we don’t get a huge number of these games might be that it’s difficult to do something unique enough that you steer well clear of copyright infringement. This being said Superfuse, the title we’re looking at today, is going to be hitting Early Access at the start of 2023 and looks different enough to potentially kick some serious ass.

Coming from publisher Raw Fury and the guys n’ gals over at Stitch Heads, Superfuse is a superhero-based action RPG that’s going to be appearing in Early Access on January 31st. In addition to this exciting bit of release news, there’s a trailer too which I will, of course, link below. It’s probably worth watching the video because it’ll be your first introduction to two of the game’s playable Enforcers. In this particular case, we’re going to be meeting the brutal Berserker and the all-powerful Elementalist. You’ll also get a very tiny taste of Superfuse‘s unique skill tree system; the fuses. You’ll get a glimpse into the sheer depth and complexity that comes with character customization in this title; something definitely worth checking out.

Superfuse is set against a backdrop where humanity has abandoned a dying Earth and set up colonies across the solar system. This will provide the setting for a bold comic-book-styled ARPG featuring the dynamic skill trees I mentioned earlier.  In addition to the ability to truly play your character your way, there will be tons of loot to collect and equip across this game’s procedurally generated levels.

Superfuse‘s story-driven solo campaign is fully voiced by talented artists, including the award-winning Eli Harris. If a bit of multiplayer mayhem is more your speed, though, you can absolutely get involved and build a superhero for four-player drop-in PVE sessions in the game’s co-op campaign modes. If you mix and match your hero abilities wisely you’ll be able to create an unstoppably powerful team.

So there you have it! If you’re a superhero fan that’s looking for something fresh and unknown, Superfuse might be a really smart way to go. If this is the sort of thing that’s getting you a bit hot under the collar you can wishlist this fun-looking ARPG here. As a last, but still very important little note. The devs will be running a limited multiplayer beta from December 14th if you really want to get in early. You can check the Superfuse Discord channel if you’d like to take part. More info will be released there on this subject in the coming weeks. You might want to start thinking about those alter-egos while you’re at it. You don’t have too much longer to wait.