Swarm VR migrates to the Oculus

I noticed recently that we haven’t had any interesting VR news in a while. This is obviously a severe oversight because there are brilliant games coming out for the VR medium all of the time. To rectify this, I’d like to tell you about a new action-packed addition to this genre called Swarm. This is going to be of particular interest to you Oculus owning folk out there because it’s available on the Rift and on the Oculus Quest as well.

Swarm is a neo-arcade FPS from the folk over at Greensky and as I’ve just mentioned, you can get your hands on a copy for your Oculus devices. In this little escapade, things are looking pretty bleak for planet Earth, (nothing new there.) A horde of robot aliens with a penchant for destruction have ported onto the planet. Obviously, the job of exterminating these interlopers is going to be down to you. As Marv, you will be armed with the latest secret tech, a sense of humor, and self-assurance generally reserved for classic 80s action game protagonists.

This is going to be a wild ride. In Swarm,  players can enter a flow state. Here, free-falling, grappling, and mid-air suspension volleys all blend together fluidly. Greensky has designed this to be an exhilarating experience by implementing their Smooth Grapple System, (SGS,) which will allow you to feel realistic, tactile, tension as you swing your way into combat. Importantly, this grapple system has been fine-tuned to stop players from becoming motion-sick. It’s these little things that matter as being queasy isn’t going to help your concentration when playing.

In Swarm, players can slow time, allowing them to catch their breath or take that shot that’s guaranteed to hit. On the other hand, you’ll have “zip” at your disposal for when you want to rocket across the arena and unleash a devastating flurry of melee attacks against your foe. Speaking of attacks, you’ll have quite a bit of firepower at your disposal. From rocket launchers to lasers, Swarm is providing you with all the tools you need to get your kill on in a gratifying way.

Swarm, takes place across 25 beautifully cell-shaded levels, spread across five zones. Don’t expect an easy ride, your enemies aren’t stupid and you’ll need the think strategically if you’re going to come out with an aerially inspired, bullet-thumping win.

If you want to get involved, you can grab your copy of Swarm over on the Oculus Store. This title will be coming to Steam in the coming months, and we PSVR owners aren’t being left out either with our copy landing later in the year. If you want to keep tabs on how all of this is going and learn a bit more about Swarm you can do that here. If you like your FPS action coming at break-neck speed this title might be a solid acquisition.