Swords of Legends Online unveils lore in newest trailer

Swords of Legends Online, the upcoming MMORPG based on ancient Chinese mythology, has released a new lore trailer setting the stage for the world to come. In the new trailer, developers Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogon showcase in-game renders of the landscapes, character models, and vistas that will be seen in the final game. On top of that we get to hear some interesting flavor narration that covers the creation of the game world.


The world of Swords of Legends Online is split in two; influenced by pure qi and dark qi. This sets up the player characters to participate in an epic world sprawling battle as these two forces clash. As far as stories go, it’s not exactly shattering new ground with good vs evil as the setup, but the world of Swords of Legends Online shows promise in how stylish the landscape is and the detail in the character models and abilities. 

Swords of Legends Online is available to preorder from Steam, Epic games Store, and directly from the Gameforge site. The game comes in 3 different packages; Standard for $39.99, Deluxe for $59.99, and Collector’s Edition for $99.99. While there is no official release date, the steam page is projecting a Summer 2021 release.

You can follow the official announcements from the development team at their Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook