SWTOR single-player will differ greatly depending on class

We already know that the BioWare-developed Star Wars: The Old Republic will be the biggest thing that EA has ever published. But just how big will it be from a gameplay point of view? In a talk with VG247, the game’s writing director Daniel Erickson says that there will be very different storylines depending on which class the player chooses at the outset.

“They’re like completely different RPGs that you would have never gotten to see,” says Erickson regarding the alternating plot lines. “And the big one of course – that people are still trying to get their heads around – is that if you played that smuggler RPG, and you played that from the beginning all the way to the end, and then you decided ‘I want something new,’ and you played the bounty hunter all the way to the end, you would not see one piece of repeated content.”

That sounds like a very ambitious game to say the least. But how could an MMO based on the George Lucas’ space saga be anything less than epic? Erickson says even if the player only goes through the SWTOR once, it’ll be quite the adventure. “One playthrough is far, far, far bigger than anything we’ve ever done before.”

Oh boy. We’ll have to wait until Spring 2011 to see for ourselves, but BioWare continues to make that a difficult proposition.