Tales of Zestiria’s European DLC package


In the midst of mounting excitement building up to the release of Tales of Zestiria, Bandai Namco Europe has unveiled a DLC package that will be available across Europe at launch that won’t leave series fans disappointed.

Taking a peek into this package, players will find:

  • “Alisha’s Story”, an additional chapter to the story that will give the player a closer look into the lives of one of the game’s main characters. An additional quest will be free until November 18th at Bandai Namco Europe’s VIP Corner.
  • 23 exclusive skits and a free starter pack to get the ball rolling.
  • Exclusive mystic artes free through the VIP Corner.
  • A free Tales of 20th Anniversary theme for players who download the game on their PS3 and an exclusive dynamic theme for those who download the game on their PS4.
  • The Idolmaster Costume Set, including unique outfits, voices, and background music to make your experience unique.
  • Additional costume sets at launch, including Seaside Resort and School Costume Sets.

This package definitely has everything fans need to get right up to speed on Tales of Zestiria. Everything included in this package will be cross-buy between Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Becuase Bandai Namco Europe is obviously in the giving mood, Steam users will be able to download Tales of Symphonia by reaching the third-tier of Tales of Zestiria pre-orders.

Tales of Zestiria DLC


All in all, this is quite the package to give European fans plenty to look forward to when the game comes out on October 16th for PS3 and PS4 and on October 20th on Steam.