Get ready to hatch, feed and clean-up. Tamagotchi is back!

Today Bandai America has celebrated the 20th anniversary of the original Tamagotchi. To memorialise the occasion, Bandai has decided to give the gift of nostalgia to Tamagotchi fans of the mid-to-late ’90s by releasing a smaller version of the device in limited quantities on November 5th this year! Better yet, Tamagotchi fans can pre-order the little handheld starting today!

The new Tamagotchi, despite being smaller, features the familiar egg shape, pixelated LCD charm and the recurrent need for TLC that endeared fans when it was first released. Bandai doesn’t mention the sleepless nights as a seven-year-old, waking to your crying Tamagotchi at 3am, but that’s neither here nor there.

Like the originals, the mini Tamagotchi device offers six different shell designs from the initial Japanese launch, and each contains six characters. Bandai also plan to feature the iconic packaging design from the original device.

The mini Tamagotchi will retail at $14.99 in the US!