TDU2 dev diaries dig into sociability, weather, cars and building an open-world race ground

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In a sudden realization that Test Drive Unlimited 2 will be hitting shelves very soon, Atari has let loose two new developer diaries in the last couple of days, the third and fourth of their kind. The first and second have already been covered.

The one thing developer Eden wanted to expand on was the social aspect of the game. As you watch the video embedded above – diary number three – you’ll see the potential it has for massive online connectivity in a way not experienced in any racing game before.

As for the fourth entry in the diary – embedded below – the devs talk about the night and day cycle and the addition of a complete weather system to it, something that won’t go unnoticed as you drive the meticulously designed cars all around the gorgeous environments of the game, which are also featured in the video.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is out tomorrow, Feb. 8th, in the US and on the 11th in EU on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC.

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