Team Ninja making Ninja Gaiden 3 “more accessible”

Ninja Gaiden is like an abusive father; it loves you, but it just doesn’t know how to show it. Despite the slick gameplay the difficulty is brutally hard, and this is coming from someone who beat Demon’s Souls. That difficulty may not change for the upcoming Ninja Gaiden 3, but it’s still developer Team Ninja’s aim to make the game “more accessible” than previous entries.

“With the previous Ninja Gaidens, you were playing and you were excited, but it was more about putting the controller into the TV screen or something,” team boss Yosule Hayashi told Eurogamer. “That kind of excitement we were focusing on and aiming for. So that’s why for you maybe it was too difficult at that time.”

‘Excitement’ isn’t quite the word we’d use, more like ‘hair-ripping, controller-throwing frustration’, but that’s just us. Hayashi continued: “That’s one of the elements. We’re not focusing on it, but focusing on providing excitement.”

Meaning that it’s easier? “Not easy. But it will enable more people to play. More accessible. We don’t plan to have Ninja Gaiden 3 only for the really good, skilled people.”

The team’s past two efforts, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Metroid: Other M have been fairly tame on the difficulty side. How will the third game stack up?