Tfue sues FaZe Clan!


Mount St. Helen’s, a volcano located in Washington, hasn’t had a major eruption since 1980. Over the weekend, twitter and the Fortnite community made that eruption look like a pop rock hiding under the tongue of a toddler. The news explosion came about from what started as an Instagram post from the father of one of the most popular twitch streamers- Turner “Tfue” Tenney. Tfue is widely regarded as one of the best Fortnite players right now and continually proves it with the numbers he puts up on Twitch.

According to the “Hollywood Reporter,” the eSports pro is suing FaZe Clan over his “oppressive contract.” Tfue’s attorney Bryan Freedman writes that the gaming organization is violating California law and the Talent Agency Act. It took me awhile to actually dive through the whole statement, mainly because I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that there’s a living, real human attorney whose name is actually “Freedman.” Aside from the hilarity of having the perfect name for his profession, the man makes some pretty astounding claims regarding the contract from FaZe. The report states the conglomerate is raking in a ridiculous 80 percent of the content creator’s earnings, while concurrently “limiting his ability to pursue his profession.” The attorney also goes on to call FaZe’s gamer contracts “illegal” and “limiting.”

After the report hit the airwaves, everything else kind of just hit the fan. FaZe’s frontrunner “Banks” responded with an emotional video and every streamer tossed in their 2 cents like the situation was a water fountain that grants wishes. FaZe, of course, denied all of the claims, so as of right now the truth of everything going on is murkier than the waters of Moisty Mire (RIP). The only sort of speculation I can give is that maybe Tfue’s contract doesn’t exactly represent his current value because he got signed way before he took off like he did. If that is the case, the 21 year old is using the lawsuit as a sort of legal blackmail that’s used in big businesses to get out of a current contract. This means, the man’s STRATS are just as good in real life as they are in game. When he’s not streaming, the guy is literally neck deep in law books and probably “the art of the deal” is the only explanation with which I can come up.