The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 reaches Kickstarter funding goal

Well, that was quick. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 has reached its Kickstarter funding goal, raising $65,000 in under 30 hours. Meanwhile, my Indiegogo campign to hire an escort, the only qualification being bipedal (you get decidedly less choosey after thirty), to kiss me before my next birthday languishes at $1.73. And that’s in Bahraini dinars.

German game developer KING Art took to the world’s largest crowdfunding platform not to pay for the game itself – the sequel to 2011’s well-received The Book of Unwritten Tales was already funded and scheduled for release sometime later this year – but to pay for enhancements traditionally found in RPGs. Currently holding at just over $90,000, the campaign will continue to run for another 38 days. During this time KING Art hopes to achieve several fan-friendly stretch goals, including optional side quests, alternative puzzle solutions, an orchestral soundtrack, and extensive behind-the-scenes videos.

If fans of PC point-and-click adventures continue to generously pledge their support, my birthday this year is looking up! I think the enhanced graphics should read well even through a thin film of tears and the majestic orchestral soundtrack should easily cut through a grown woman’s guttural sobs.