The Conjuring House will turn you into a paranormal investigator

Sleuthing out the abnormal and the ghostly sounds like it’s all fun and games; walk through a spooky house, yell at the empty air, feel your heart race when a slight noise occurs. But what happens when things get more intense? RYM Games sets out to show this side of the paranormal investigation with their new game The Conjuring House.

In The Conjuring House, you’ll take the first person view of the last remaining member of an investigative crew checking out the strange happenings at the Atkinson House. The previous tenant died a grisly death and the culprit makes their presence known in a terrifying fashion. Needless to say, the boom-boom hits the fan fast and you need to escape.

The concept of The Conjuring House isn’t exactly treading new ground; a first person jaunt through a creepy setting has been seen in Outlast and Resident Evil 7, just to name a few. However, what The Conjuring House is doing with this concept is truly something to get excited about. The enemies have no patterns in their placement or variety, the house can be explored in any order the player chooses, and objectives have multiple ways to complete. This is the type of true emergent horror gameplay that alludes many survival horror games.

The Conjuring House Hallway

There are no safe harbors in the Atkinson House. Just because you cleared an area does not guarantee that a creature doesn’t wander in there if you retrace your steps. Each playthrough will be fresh and no player can rely on the comfort of having an online walkthrough or guide by their side. The Conjuring House wants you to feel alone and paranoid.

RYM Games is crafting a wonderfully creepy, emergent atmosphere in The Conjuring House. The high level of detail that RYM has been showing off is unprecedented for an indie horror game; so much so that I could see it easily becoming a YouTube darling with the Let’s Play crowd.

Conjuring House Basement

The Conjuring House is available on PC via Steam this September. You can also keep up to date with the game via Facebook, Twitter, and the RYM Games official website.