The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Tactics launching in February

The Dark Crystal is finally coming to PC and consoles in the form of a tactical turn-based RPG. Based on the classic Jim Henson film and the Netflix series, you control a group of Gelfling fighters in the fantasy land of Thra. Your quest is to stop the spread of the darkening and the evil Skeksis who have seized control of the Crystal. Unite the seven clans in this nostalgic adventure that’ll get your 80s Nostalg-o-meter spiking.

The story follows the Netflix series where Thra is still populated by different Gelfling clans before the genocidal culling of the Skeksis. However, if you still want to hear Chamberlain’s creepy whimper then it looks like there are still plenty of Skeksis to see, as you lead a resistance against these oppressive overlords who begin to dominate the land of Thra.

There are more than 50 tactical turn-based battles for you to enjoy with 150 base abilities to use in combat. Choose from 14 playable characters that can be customized with unique gear for specific fights. The mechanics look similar to the Xcom style grid system where the environments are used to shield you from attack.

There are three primary jobs that your character can choose from which are soldier, scout, and mender. These can be leveled up as you progress to more advanced ones such as Strategist, Song Teller, and Grave Dancer. But don’t worry the squishy Podlings and fluffy Fizzgigs have their own abilities too. Aughra the cranky astronomer also makes an appearance in the gameplay, but it’s unclear whether she’s an NPC or not.

The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Tactics looks like an enjoyable nostalgic romp for any lovers of the original dark fantasy film or Netflix series. However, you’ll have to wait and see if its RPG mechanics and gameplay can match its cult status.

The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Tactics will be released on February 4, 2020.