The Division 2 is free to play this weekend

Ubisoft really wants you to play The Division 2. In addition to a hefty discount that saw the game go under $5 USD on every platform, it only gets cheaper with a free weekend inbound for those that are still on the fence.

The Division 2 is completely free from right now until March 2nd and if you choose to buy the game at the discounted price, all of your progress carries over. The entire game is available to players on PC, PS4, and Xbox; Playstation Plus is not required for PS4, but Xbox Live Gold is required for Xbox players.

Division 2

The free trial weekend comes to an end just a day before the anticipated Warlords of New York expansion goes live. This expansion adds in an entirely new area, new skills, missions, gear, an increased level cap, and a wide variety of reworks and restructuring of the game. Warlords of New York is The Division 2’s biggest addition to the MMO to date.

The lengths Ubisoft is going to increase the player base of The Division 2 is truly commendable. It’s never been easier to get into the game and get started, then the heavy discount to the game creates a low barrier of entry. They’ve done everything short of going completely free to play to drum up excitement for this upcoming expansion that is seemingly going to restructure the game in a major way. It’s a great way of giving people a taste of the game before a major expansion, which in turn boosts sales of that pack. It’s been used in a few other MMOs as well such as Elder Scrolls Online before the launch of the Morrowind expansion, which gave the game almost double the number of active players. It will be interesting to see the sales and player numbers that are released when the expansion goes live.