The Dreamcatcher is ready to manifest

If used properly dreams can be a really cool basis for a videogame. The problem with dreams, however, is they tend to be a little on the strange side. One minute you’re naked at school, the next you’re running frantically from a giant murderous whoopie cushion … or something. My point is if this subject goes a bit haywire, your game goes from slightly excentric fun to complete bonkers in no time flat. Thankfully, this doesn’t look like it’s going to be the case with The Dreamcatcher, a new adventure coming to our screens this Friday.

Due for release August 21st, The Dreamcatcher is a story-driven first-person adventure game that’s making its way onto the Steam store. This title takes the theory “what you think during the day, you dream at night,” and skews it a bit. Here, the visions from your night-time adventures affect your waking hours.

You’ll be taking the role of a young man who has recently left college and is beginning his working life. This all sounds fairly banal, right? Well, after having a strange dream you realize your waking world has changed. Now your dreams and reality have become somehow intertwined. The only way you’ll be able to get back to some semblance of normalcy will be to travel into your dreams and put things right.

The Dreamcatcher focuses on narrative and environmental storytelling. Through this medium, this title attempts to explore the topics of dream and reality, the human subconscious, and also love and relationships. According to Sigmund Freud, the dream is the fulfillment of the dreamer’s wish. Following on from this, the question is asked as to what the main character’s wish truly is.

The Dreamcatcher is not a violent game. This is a game of exploration in which you will experience many distinct dream worlds. The solutions to the obstacles you face in those dreams can be found in the real world and your character’s own personal story will progress as you solve these puzzles. The Dreamcatcher also has multiple endings which is also great for those amongst you that, like me, see the importance of replayability.

This actually looks really interesting. The Dreamcatcher is more of an internal adventure. This game isn’t focusing so much on the dreams themselves but how they affect the main character and their own personal progress. Those of you that are looking for a good narrative and want to step away from more action-heavy titles for a little bit might well be right at home here.