The final chapter is coming soon: Song of Horror episode five hits PC May 28

There was a bit of a set back due to the current pandemic, but the wait is almost over! Song of Horror episode five, the final chapter, will be available to PC gamers on May 28. It’s been a wild, terrifying ride, but the final chapter of this eldrich survival horror game will tie everything together as players face off against The Presence one last time.



The journey of development started way back in 2014 and is now coming to a close. It’s been emotional for studio co-founder Carlos Grupeli as the game reaches its conclusion. He expressed the studio’s desire to honor old-timey survival horror games while simultaneously creating something new. It’s safe to say they achieved both those goals. This game is not for the faint of heart, and I’m a horror fan to the bone.

song of horror final chapter the presence

“It wasn’t easy but, in many ways, the fifth and final episode is the natural culmination of all that ambition and the chapter where most is at stake,” Grupeli told GamesPress. “It’ll be sad to bring Song of Horror to a close after all this time, but we can’t wait to see what the fans make of it.”

Anyone who has been following the chapters will most certainly be excited to see how it all finishes up. After following several different characters, the final chapter will tie everyone together and hopefully answer a few questions.

Song of Horror final chapter survival horror setting

Song of Horror episode five will include former patients of the psychiatric hospital haunting the hallways and a new playable character Lidia, Daniel’s guardian angel, and the only one who has listened to the song and survived.

Song of Horror final chapter Lidia

The episode will bring everyone’s story to an unexpected conclusion and will feature a chilling epilogue that will change everything. Answers to why the song was created in the first place and what The Presence is will haunt players as they progress through the ending.

Song of Horror final chapter LeGrant Mansion

If you’re a horror fan who loves mystery over jump scares and creepy surroundings with fleshed-out characters, then this is a game to try.

The first chapter is available on Steam for $7.99. Later chapters are for sale individually (in case it gets to be too scary and you don’t think you can continue), or sold together in the Season Pass for $21.99 (if you know for sure you can muster enough courage to play through everything). The Season Pass will also unlock Song of Horror episode five.

Check out the Steam page here.