The Innsmouth Case summons a new mystery

Who knows who H.P. Lovecraft is? All of you? Good! That makes my life a hell of a lot easier. As one of the founding fathers of the Cthulhu Mythos, Lovecraft’s works have been thrilling and frightening readers for generations. The other wonderful thing about a mythos is that it’s something that can be carried on and embellished over time. Now, not all of Lovecraft’s books had old squid-face as their villain; they were full of cults, elder things, and a whole menagerie of creepiness. History lesson over this is where the visual novel I’m going to be talking about today steps into the limelight. It’s called The Innsmouth Case and if you have a dark sense of humor and like your horror Lovecraftian, it might really float your proverbial boat.



The Innsmouth Case has magically appeared on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android and is coming from the folks over at Robot Pumpkin Games. Should you choose to join the story, you’ll be invited to the awesomely eerie town of Innsmouth for helpings of horror and hilarity in equal measure.

Take on the role of a detective investigating the disappearance of Tabitha Marsh. The child’s distraught parents have requested the best detective the department has to offer be put on her case. Sadly, he was busy, so they’ve sent you. This isn’t just a case of a missing little girl though; we’re following in Lovecraftian footsteps, after all. Innsmouth is a town crawling with nameless horrors so you’re going to need a strong stomach and eyes in the back of your head if you’re going to be anything but dead by the end of your time there.

The long road to Innsmouth has been a fun one, to say the least.” Said publisher Assemble Entertainment CEO, Stefan Marcinek. “The Innsmouth case is full of surprises, offbeat humor, and enthralling mystery – a perfect addition to the Assemble Entertainment roster. We’re thrilled to give players this unique Lovecraftian gameplay experience!

This isn’t just one of those text-based games where you plod from scenario to scenario. In the Innsmouth Case, your gray matter will be all-important. The choices you make will not only affect immediate decisions but also have a permanent effect on the story as a whole. This being said, there is also a lot of replayability here. Those choices will lead you to one of this title’s twenty-seven endings. Are you going to save the day, save the girl, or save the world? Alternatively, you could just get eaten; entirely your choice.

I think I might just be all over this like a hot rash. I love a bit of Lovecraft and if the humor is properly injected, it’ll create a nice mix with all the harrowing, heart-rending fear. This definitely sounds like a virtual book worth picking up for fans of the genre.