The Lamplighters League shines the way this October

We love a bit of pulp-noir here at TVGB. There are so many brilliant ways to tell a story and one excellent example is to set it in a world that’s coming straight out of a classic crime or adventure novel. The Lamplighters League is pulling us into pulp fiction at its best and it’s going to be hitting our screens on October 3rd. Being a huge fan of all of the things represented by this game I obviously had to tell you more.

In The Lamplighters League: And the Tower at the End of the World we are invited to sneak, steal, and shoot our way through a world of pulp adventure. As we step into the shoes of the titular organization we’ll globetrot around various exciting locales around the world, while outwitting our enemies in strategic turn-based combat.

If we’re going to succeed in saving the world we’ll need to recruit a team of misfits and scoundrels with unique abilities and unforgettable personalities. Then in a story of adventure and intrigue, we’ll chase the Banished Court to the ends of the earth in a mix of real-time infiltration and turn-based tactical combat.

Both the standard and deluxe editions of The Lamplighters League are available to preorder now. The deluxe edition is currently on sale with an 11% discount. This version of the game comes with an exclusive character, digital artbook, and soundtrack. It usually retails at £54.50 but with that lovely deduction, it’s £48.50 over on Steam at this very moment. Incidentally, that extra character I’ve just mentioned is a teleporting agent called Nocturne who is able to use her abilities to shift about the battlefield dispensing the enemy with her shocking attacks.

If you love a good bit of pulp fiction and are a fan of turn-based strategy, The Lamplighters League looks like a pretty solid way to go. If you want to get your preorder in now and potentially snag that lovely discount on the deluxe edition you know exactly what you need to do!