The life (and death) of a Henry Hatsworth puzzle enemy

[bliptv gctb7KlPjt1s]

Buck up nameless amorphous blobs of color, even if monocle-sporting, tea-loving adventurer Henry Hatsworth manages to dispatch you back to the puzzle realm with a swift sweep of his sword, you can still live a life of substance, meaning and possibly revenge as a puzzle block enemy!

Tongue is planted firmly in cheek in this latest trailer for EA’s Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, the upcoming side scrolling action-puzzler for the DS. This instructional video-style primer finally shows us how the platforming and puzzling will come together in the quirky title, which looks to be even more challenging (in a good way) than previously anticipated.

It appears that enemies killed on the top screen fall to the bottom screen, becoming puzzle blocks that need to be cleared – which turns them into super meter energy used for ammo, health and powerups – or else they’ll advance to the top screen again, causing no end of trouble for our silver haired hero. You can switch control between battling enemies or clearing blocks, but the action never stops, adding a decidedly strategic element to gameplay. Of course, it will be hard to resist triggering “Tea Time” every single chance, but death seems a small price for a “SUPER EXCITING ROBOT JUICE” rampage of missile and laser-fueled destruction.