The Lost and Damned clothing for Avatars

Here’s a little surprise for everyone. The first game related clothing set has popped up for our Avatars and it’s based of the oh-so fashionable fellows from GTA IV‘s newest DLC The Lost and Damned. Hopefully this is the start of a new and wonderful trend which will eventually get us clothing from Onechanbara. Trust me, my Avatar would look damn good in a two-piece… or less. Full list follows.

Rocker Jacket
Pixie Boots
Grunge Pants
Metal Combats
Top Hat
Skull Ring
Leather Biker Gloves
Left Feather Earring
Right Feather Earring

Punk Tee
Black 60’s Boots
Leopard Print Leggings
Biker Jacket
Biker Gloves
Skull Wrist Band
Left Feather Earring
Right Feather Earring