The MMO Round-Up / April 10

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

SOE reckons that Free Realms could eventually hit the 100 million player mark.

Adventurie is gearing up to make the Darkfall new player experience a little bit more friendly.

The expansive world of EVE Online got an update this week which feature some not-so-popular changes.

The BBC has reported that gold farming may actually be good for poor economies. Want to buy some gold?

Secret World has made some plans, seven years of planned content to be exact.

Issue 20 for City of Heroes went live this week bringing raid groups and dungeon queuing to the game, among other things as well.

Mortal Online launched its integration with Facebook this week and aims to save you some money.

Roadmaps are good for holding developer’s feet to the fire and Final Fantasy XI just got itself one.

Wizard101 reckons that there are never too many mounts in the world as the game as added mounts galore.

The trend continues as Global Agenda and Ragnrok Online has taken on the free-to-play model which now seems to be the prevailing model for MMOs.

Playing City of Heroes and have not a clue to what’s going on around you? Not to worry, they’ve just introduced a player help system.

The never released MYST Online has gone open source.

The latest producer’s letter for Everquest II features information about what’s to come for the game in the future.

NCSoft is looking to start the testing of Aion version 2.5 by the end of April.

ArenaNet’s Art Director –Daniel Dociu — talked about the art direction of Guild Wars 2 and offered up advice for some budding game artists. Moral of story, don’t be a slacker.

April’s version of Ask Cryptic talked about player generated content among other interesting things.