The MMO Round-Up / Feb 20

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

Bungie is apparently working on something like World of Warcraft in space — best said with an echo — called Destiny.

MMO mastermind Richard Garriott talked about the state of social gaming.

The developers of Fallen Earth gave a sneak peak into the game’s new zone Section 4.

CCP left a mysterious message on their Twitter account in the form of a QR code. Spooky? Not really, the code was deciphered as being a message about a fan gathering during PAX East.

The endgame content for RIFT was detailed in a fairly lengthy video.

Runes of Magic is going to be going from a dual class situation to having a 3 classes, two at the ready and one in reserve.

Fallen Earth’s 1.8 patch has made it to the testing servers and offers up extensive changes to abilities.

All your base are belong… ah forget it. Guild bases are coming to the perfect world of Perfect World.

A recent patch has brought extensive changes to the Dervish in Guild Wars.

Players had questions and RIFT Executive Producer Scott Hartsman had some answers.

Champions Online sees a rise in players and profits after going free-to-play, according to a recent report.

Take a fly through of TERA’s Arachnaea zone, but don’t mistake of trying to pronounce it like we did.

Aika Online said hello to Europe this week as it made its debut there.

A second progression server was launched this week for EverQuest due to popular demand.

LEGO Universe wants you to battle for the Nimbus Station.

The 1.4.1 patch for Warhammer Online hit the public test servers this week and you can check out the patch notes if you so desire.

ArenaNet gave a peak behind the scenes of the QA testing for Guild Wars 2.

Want to see whats going on with the next update for City of Heroes, then look no further.

The Feb update for Final Fantasy XI is alive.

Darkfall devs blogged about what’s to come in the game including some changes to the interface.