The MMO Round-Up / March 13

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

In order to conserve power in Japan after the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami, Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV will remain offline for a week at the minimum. SOE has also suspended billing for the two games until they make their eventual return.

Cryptic co-founder Jack Emmert has taken over the CEO post of the traditionally MMO oriented company.

Discounted long-term subscription plans for RIFT got an extension and will now become unavailable after the end of March.

Ultima Online is looking to return to some dynamic content via their Magincia update.

Speaking of Ultima Online, MMO super-guru Richard Garriott discussed the future plans for his latest endeavor of Portalarium.

Fishing MMO! Of course we needed one of those, right? Grand Mer showed off some of its hardcore fishing self this week with a preview trailer and of course there are scantly clad fisher-ladies.

The youngster friendly MMO Free Realms is making an exciting debut on the PS3 come March 29.

A recent interview with ArenaNet allowed for the divulgence of some more details for the thief class in Guild Wars 2.

Vindictus is getting an update that will include some PvP, a new town as well as some other goodies.

Do you know what $50,000,000 looks like? Neither do we, but apparently THQ is spending that much on Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online.

Funcom got wordy about their upcoming MMO Secret World at this years PAX East.

Nexon will be taking on the responsibilities of the MMO Atlantica Online from Ndoors starting March 22.

A game industry fluke, Forsaken World launched early this week as its original release date was March 23.

A major technology oriented patch for Age of Conan went live this past Tues, you can check out the full patch notes if you please.

Fortune Online detailed its classes in a recent developer diary video.

ArenaNet detailed some of the craftiness in Guild Wars 2.

A new teaser trailer for the Chapter 4 update coming to the books in the Runes of Magic legacy was dropped on us.