The MMO Round-Up / March 6

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

It’s a new month so that means many state-of-the-game addresses have come out. Here are the ones for Final Fantasy XIV, Star Trek Online, Fallen Earth, Warhammer Online, RuneScape and Champions Online.

The much hyped RIFT has officially launched with fairly impressive numbers. Time will tell if it can be a contender in the increasingly crowded MMO genre but so far so good.

NCsoft released a new launcher for its games as well as made plans to boost account security.

Jeff Strain of Undead Labs talked zombie MMO during this past week at GDC 2011.

If Charlie Sheen was working for Nexon we’re convinced he would say that the company is “winning”; their outlook is very good.

SOE is giving a way 12 one-year subscriptions to EverQuest in celebration of its 12th anniversary.

Age of Empries Online got a developer diary this week and showed off some very nice stylized graphics.

The developers for Gods and Heroes lifted the NDA and dropped a Q&A.

ArenaNet dropped a teaser trailer on us and released some info on the upcoming demo for Guild Wars 2 during PAX East.

The most recent dev diary for Lord of the Rings Online discussed building the Ost Dunhoth raid.

Curt Shilling talked enthusiasm and struggle between free-to-play and not free-to-play for 38 Studios’  in-progress MMO during GDC 2011.

ArenaNet showed of the Norn starting area for Guild Wars 2.

The 1.4.1 patch for Warhammer Online was released. Read the patch notes if you so desire.

Check out the official preview for City of Heroes’ Issue 20 update, yes that will be the game’s 20th major update.

Spacetime talked pocket sized MMOs.

It’s rare for a game to launch early, but that’s exactly what Forsaken World plans on doing.