The Prince shows off his DLC

[bliptv gctb7f18jt1s]

If you were one of those people who found the new Prince of Persia to be boring and repetitive than you really aren’t going to like the above trailer for the first DLC for the game, Epilogue (and you are wrong). However, if you are one of the people who can appreciate an amazingly crafted game based around exploration, than this new video is going to make you pretty darn happy. It looks like the same running, swinging and jumping gameplay in a whole new fully developed level. Three hours more of what one loves can never be a bad thing.

Epilogue will feature not only a new level to run all over but a new plate power called Energize that will allow the player to reconstruct broken down areas of the world and rush through them before they disappear. Hopefully this will be more like the running and flying plates than the stupid red and blue ones. There will also be new skins and a new charging attack. Most importantly though, Ubisoft is promising a greater challenge than with the original game in both platforming areas and battles. Plus, for those who hated the ending, you can at least yell angrily at the Prince for being and idiot.