The Ravenswatch is recruiting

I’ve just spotted a couple of interesting bits of information. The first one of these is that Passtech Games have a new title in Early Access. These are the folk behind Curse of the Dead Gods, a game that I strongly recommend you play if you like hard-as-nails roguelikes and getting given a serious kicking. The second piece of information is that said game which is called Ravenswatch is sitting in Steam Early Access waiting for you all to go and sign up for an entirely new way to get butchered. I can guarantee this will be a challenge, I’m pretty certain it will be a lot of fun though so it’ll definitely be worth a look.

Reverie used to be a pretty nice place. These days it’s inhabited by hordes of Nightmares and the people are in dire need of heroes. This is where the Ravens come in. These brave souls have banded together in a bid to free Reverie from the Nightmare menace. The Ravenswatch has been born and you are being invited to help stand against evil and take back what has been stolen from them.

In the Early Access version of Ravenswatch, you’re being invited to take control of one of six Ravens, each with their own distinct playstyle and unique set of abilities. Why not step into the shoes of Scarlet? Little Red Riding Hood isn’t all she used to be; in fact, she’s become the werewolf she used to fight against. If this doesn’t suit maybe Franz will. The Pied Piper of Hamelin can use his magic flute to lure a horde of rats. Maybe Aladdin would be better? His wishes can turn the tide of combat. If none of these float your boat there are another three Ravens waiting in the wings. I’ll let you meet them when you play.

You can take on the Nightmare horde either solo or with up to 3 of your friends. You’ll need to choose your allies carefully as they’re all you’ll have against an army that will adapt to your presence. They’ll transform your environment and reorganize their troops with each fresh effort. Revive Feathers will remove your fear of death but the enemy won’t be resting on its laurels.

If you’re going to reign supreme you’ll need to defeat a particularly powerful Nightmare that controls each region you encounter. You’ll need to retake three regions if you’re going to emerge victorious. The odds are certainly going to be stacked against you but there’s hope to be found in your team.

As you spend time with your heroes your bond with them will intensify. As this occurs they’ll gain access to new skills. As you gain experience and find all important treasures you’ll be able to create new synergies with your teammates. You’ll become more powerful with perseverance and this might just be what tips the scales in your favor.

If you jump into the Early Access now you’ll be able to take control of the six heroes I’ve just alluded to and experience the first chapter of the game. In the coming months you can expect another four heroes to join the roster along with the next two chapters ahead of Ravenswatch‘s full release on PC, PS4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S and, of course, Switch next year.

If the idea of a brand new action-packed adventure roguelike gets the old fingers itching Ravenswatch could be a very appealing title. You can hop over to Steam now and get involved, you never know, you might be a pro by the time that full release lands in 2024. Equally, as with all roguelikes that may never be the case. That’s all part of the fun though, isn’t it?