The ten most annoying game protagonists

The Straight Line in Tetris


You might argue I’m stretching the term protagonist here a little bit, but hear me out. The straight line in Tetris is truly the hero of the game. He/she/it is the easiest way to pick yourself up a tetris score and technically you are controlling it in a main character sort of way. Now if only the f-ing thing would show up more often and do its damn job. I wish the comic above, from, was using hyperbole to make itself funny but all too often those straight blocks just don’t show up when you need them causing many to surmise the game itself is actually out to get them. I mean how many L blocks can really come out in a row if the game is set to a random algorythm? Seriously? I constructed a damn tower of misshapen blocks, now it’s time for some pay off. And yet, no straight block. Screw you, you rectangular douche. See if we ever come when you need our help!