The wait is over! Final Fantasy VII Remake is out

What a time for the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake to come out. In a morbid way, it’s perfect. Quarantine has affected people in different ways; some people are losing their minds, other people are learning a new language. Gamers are having the time of their lives and it just got better.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has released and it’s about darn time. Radiant reviews for the game have kept fans on the edge of sanity as anticipation has slowly, painfully eaten away at the last, little bit of patience we have.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud throwing darts

Thrown once again into the city of Midgard where the corrupt Shinra company mercilessly drains the life-force of the planet, fans will have the opportunity to replay the story of Cloud in what is arguably the best graphics to date.

Cloud Strife once again enchants players with his stoic, sexy attitude while he explores the slums of Midgard, and tags along with AVALANCHE. Determined to bring down Shinra company, Cloud and his noble friends fight to save the planet–while doing some sidequests and dart-throwing competitions in the magical free time they have between acts of terrorism.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Aerith and Cloud

The goal of the game is to be a reimagining of the original that, in its time, redefined RPGs and boldly crossed socially acceptable lines by throwing in some cross-dressing and cross-breeding. Don’t worry, if you haven’t heard or seen, the cross-dressing made it into the remake.

The battle system takes on a new mechanic that is reminiscent of Final Fantasy XV, though improved–thank god. The hybrid systems merge real-time action with strategy and command-based mechanics that are both engaging and challenging without being too confusing.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Sephiroth

Go deeper into the story while enjoying the realistic rendering of favorite characters and places. Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available for the PlayStation 4 and computer system.

Check out more on the game here. If you’re impoverished for loss of job thanks to this very serious virus, check out the free demo here, and keep dreaming. Or, watch other people play the game on Youtube.