Updated: The Witcher 1 headed to PS3 and 360?

UPDATE: Or not. CDP has spoken to Eurogamer on the rumors, confirming that will announce a new IP tomorrow and not announce The Witcher for consoles. The new game is said to be another RPG. However, there was no denial on the existence of a console port of the original Witcher.

Original Story: An awesome little rumor, this; CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher may well be headed to both PS3 and 360, retailer listings suggest.

The Danish arms of both Blockbuster and Coolshop have posted the game up for pre-order, complete with some rather convincing box art (that could admittedly be easily mocked up). Tomorrow sees the devs make a ‘huge announcement’ at their pre-E3 conference, so it could well be this.

It wouldn’t be the first time CD Projekt has tried to bring the game to consoles, though the original effort, titled Rise of the White Wolf, was suspended after funding issues. The game’s sequel recently hit the 360 with a PS3 version heavily rumored. The dev is said to have two games out this year, so expect this to have a 2012 date stamped on it. Hopefully.