The Witcher 2 2.0 deets out, screens

Details on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings‘ Version 2.0 have escaped CD Projekt’s clutches.

The mysterious update applies to both the PC as well as the upcoming Xbox 360 version and offers introductory tutorials, a ‘dark’ difficulty mode, and a Horde-like Arena Mode (official word for all three below, via).

In addition, there’ll be 40 bug fixes, 9 new DLC missions, dozens of lines of new dialogue, new music, character models, locations, and more.

  • New introductory tutorials, to guide the player through the game’s extensive RPG system, combat mechanics, alchemy, and magic.
  • A new “dark” difficulty mode for hardcore players who want a challenge beyond anything the game has had to offer so far. In addition to the ramped up difficulty, the new mode will reward players with new “dark” items and all new quests.
  • Arena Modeā€”in which Geralt must battle endless waves of monsters. This challenge mode will be integrated with the game’s online forums and Facebook.

The studio’s also shot out a number of screenshots from 2.0.