The Witcher 2 patch to fix crashes, activation issues

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings‘ first patch, due out next week, has been detailed somewhat by developer CD Projekt; as written yesterday, it will address keymapping and inverting the mouse, but also issues like game crashes, issues with activation, DLC etc. No exact date yet, but expect it “shortly.”

As for right now, the studio has provided a few how-to’s that may help players out of a bind or two. Catch those below.

Difficulties with activation code
There have been quite a few instances that involved entering the number zero (0); you should use the capital letter “o” (O). Also there have been cases where the number one (1), the lower-case letter “el” (l) and the capital letter “eye” (I) have been mixed up. Please try all possible permutations.

CRC Errors when installing the game
1)Please make sure that any antivirus software is disabled during the installation process.
2)It’s possible that your DVD drive is not compatible with DVD9 standard. Please manually copy the files to your HDD and try to install the game from there, with antivirus software disabled.
3)If this doesn’t work, please try and install the game on another machine – also trying to copy the files manually and disabling any antivirus software.
4)If the above does not help and the DVD disc is in fact damaged, please ask for a refund at the store where bought the game. If this is not satisfactory, please contact us at [email protected]

Game doesn’t start, goes back to launcher
Please try the following possible solutions:
1)Turn all settings to Application-Controlled in the Catalyst Control Center.
2)Disable the second GPU from Crossfire configurations until ATI officially adds support for The Witcher 2 in Catalyst drivers.
3)Try running the game in windowed mode.
4)Run the game with horizontal resolution no higher than than 1920, and set the desktop to the same resolution as the game.
5)Ensure that the game was installed with administrator privileges – Windows UAC settings set to minimum or setup.exe from DVD opened with privileges.
Also: Go to User Account Control Settings.
Type in UAC, or go to the System and Security applet.
Click on the “Change User Account Control Settings” link.
(You can also type in this command from the Run menu: C:\Windows\System32\UserAccountControlSettings.exe)
To turn off UAC, move the slider to the Never Notify position, and then click OK. If you’re prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

Poor performance on a high-end GPU
Please install the latest drivers for your graphic card, and for nVidia cards, uninstall 3D Vision.
If you are experiencing low efficiency, please make sure you have disabled UberSampling in the game’s graphic configuration in the Launcher. If you have an nVidia graphics card, please update your driver to the 275.27 beta as of May 17th.
As for ATI users:
1)Install latest drivers ATI Hotfix.
2)Disable anisothropic filter, antialiasing and adaptive antialiasing and Catalyst A.I.; this can be done in the CCC panel.
3)Try running the game in windowed mode.
4)For dual cards linked into crossfire, turn off one of the cards or use the Dirt 2 profile.

AMD/ATI plans to release hotfix drivers dedicated to The Witcher 2. They will resolve problems with game’s efficiency for crossfire users. This information will appear on:”