This game will have us Seeing Red

Whenever I write anything on my favorite genre I spend five minutes geeking out and telling you lot about how much I love all things roguelike. The fact is I do love all things roguelike but you don’t need to see that for the millionth time so I’ll get on with the interesting bit of news that I have for you today. Can we guess what genre this one is coming from? Yeah, fairly self-explanatory, right? The game is I See Red and this one looks … lethal.

Well-known publisher Gameforge has announced that it’ll be pairing up with slightly less well know Argentinian development team Whiteboard Games in their bid to make you see red. They aren’t going to give you a broken mess full of microtransactions and horrible voice-overs though. The game is I See Red, and it’s a roguelike; an extremely violent, twin-stick, top-down roguelike all things being considered. Just the sort of thing that you rogue-nuts love getting your teeth into.

I See Red is a fast-paced story of rage and revenge. Set in the year 2621, you’ll be stepping into the shoes of an outlaw traveling the infinite depths of space. Your quest is to track down those that have wronged you and mete out the ultimate punishment for their transgressions. Seething with anger, your world is a dichromatic one. As such, the targets of your vengeful retribution will appear a deathly shade of red, while the world around fades into bleak gray. Utterly consumed by anger you will find that everything that surrounds you can be destroyed. Nothing is safe; from ship hardware to furniture, to your very unfortunate targets.

As you venture out on your killing spree you’ll discover a number of useful items that will help you along your bloodthirsty path. These tools of death include a diverse host of weapons, augments, skills, and abilities; all catering to the level of brutality that your enemies so rightly deserve. As this is a rogue-lite you will come back stronger with every modification to your ship’s cloning machine. This will enable you to clear out entire spaceships single-handed. Be your target human, alien, or robot nothing will be safe from your ire.

2022 has been a massive year for Gameforge, beginning with our first indie studio partnership to launch Trigon: Space Story, and now it continues with I See Red,” said Tomislav Perkovic, Chief Product Officer at Gameforge. “Our team immediately fell in love with the game’s unique aesthetic, powerful and engaging gameplay, and unique mechanics, and we are thrilled to be the publishers to help bring this game to the world. We know that this will be one of many exciting titles to come from Whiteboard Games, and we’re proud to include this one in our portfolio.”

If you can get enough of pure twin-stick violence, I See Red might be an excellent way to quench some bloodlust. I See Red doesn’t have an exact release date just yet but it’s going to be available for PC via Steam and the Epic Games store at some point later this year.