THQ’s Bilson leary of television advertising

For most industries, television advertising is a no-brainer. What better way to get the word out about your brand than by dropping a couple million for a Super Bowl ad? But, in a recent interview, THQ vice president Danny Bilson disagreed with the common logic of marketing games on the telly.

Because of high costs and unfocused demographics that come with television advertising, Bilson believes that videogame marketing budgets can be put to more efficient, targeted use: “It’s incredibly expensive, and what I can do with two million dollars, which will buy a few TV spots on a big sporting event, what I can do in outdoor, or on the web, or direct-to-consumer is way more exciting.”

I know what you must be asking yourself – where does Bilson want to market? His answer: “You know where I want to market? I want to market on Xbox Live. I want to market on PSN, because every night that’s the switch I turn on at my house.”