Thy Creature leaves Early Access

I know I’m bound to have mentioned this before, but savage gaming difficulty isn’t something that just belongs in the Soulslike realm. Soulsbourne titles and others that fall into this style of play are very rightly classed as hard as nails but it’s easy to forget that at the same time there are different types of difficulty. The Roguelike genre is a really good example of this because trying to complete an entire game in one go isn’t normal, (and because it’s my genre,) but this isn’t what we’re looking at today. We’ll be looking at the lightning reflex needing, twitch perfect accuracy wanting genre that is Bullet Hell. More specifically we’ll be discussing Thy Creature, a game that has just left Steam Early Access.

Coming from the souls at South Korean developer Growing Seeds and MazM, Thy Creature is an atmospheric RPG adventure that will see players fighting their way through a mysterious tower in a bid to recover their memories. It’s a full Steam release as of today and can be found on the site at $19.99 or £15.99 and €17.99 for us UK and European folk respectively. If you get your skates on you’ll get a lovely 30% launch discount on those prices; so there’s that too.

Shunned and severely wounded Thy Creature‘s titular character flees a human village looking for refuge. Dreaming of solace, the nameless creature finds a tower where reality is distorted and forgotten memories lurk in the shadows. The creature must journey to the top of this tower, encountering strange beings and completing puzzles along the way.

Thy Creature is boasting stunningly dark, fantasy visuals that blend detail with gothic horror. In addition to this, you can expect an emotive narrative revolving around memories and forgotten fragments. On top of all of this wonderful stuff you can, of course, expect the bullet hell gameplay that some of you arcade-action fans are, no doubt, craving. There will be many enemies to outmatch, puzzles to overcome and lore to find before your journey is done.

If you love high-octane gaming and want a new bullet-hell to get stuck into, Thy Creature might just be a very good call. If the lore is as deep and the story as evocative as is being made out this action romp could be as engrossing as it is dangerous. That’s a combination that has to be a winner in anyone’s book and if you think it’s piquing your interest you can go and grab it on Steam today.