Tim Schafer: “We’ll do another big game”

In recent years Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions have moved away from AAA titles to focus on smaller projects like Costume Quest, Stacking and Kinect game Happy Action Theater. However Schafer has said he would like to do another big title in the future.

Speaking to GamesIndustry International, Schafer said “We have four teams and all it takes is us to put two of them together to have a team the size that we made Psychonauts or Brutal Legend with,” Schafer said. “I still like to make big fantasy worlds and I think we’ll do another big game again. We’re actually at DICE here pitching a pretty big game, so it’s not about size; it’s about what you do with. It’s about creativity.”

Schafer also spoke of the negatives that come with crafting a blockbuster title. “Those kinds of games like God of War or Brutal Legend are a pain in the ass to make. It’s incredibly stressful. You tear out your hair. You don’t see your family. You make a lot of enemies to get something done. And you definitely see, like, I want to make something like Costume Quest or Calling All Cars as like a, ‘aahh…’, it’s just so nice to [get a breather]. But then you do start thinking about like a Brutal Legend – making that world and all those characters and stuff was… it’s fun to make something big.”