The Tiny Bang Story is headed for the Switch


There have been some really interesting looking releases on the Switch over this last year. It’s really good to see devs and publishers doing all they can to make the most of Nintendo’s newest bit of kit. Adding to the diverse mix on the platform is The Tiny Bang Story, due for release next month.

The Tiny Bang Story by the folks over at Colibri Games will be appearing digitally on October 4th. This title invites you to explore a gorgeous world as you solve puzzles in an attempt to restore Tiny Planet in the wake of a destructive meteor.

You will find yourself in a hand-drawn storybook-styled land as you find pieces of the planet and bit by bit restore the realm to the way it once was. This is very much a hidden-object adventure that will see you using your observation and ingenuity to help Tiny Planet’s residents by solving puzzles in this beautifully drawn five chapter long story.

We’re excited to bring the wonderful world of The Tiny Bang Story to Switch, which is a natural fit for the platform,” Said Audrey Arutyunyan, Co-Founder of publisher Ellada Games. “We look forward to a whole new generation of players exploring the beautifully unique world as they hunt for clues and save Tiny Planet.”

I have to say this looks like a really beautiful game. The hidden-object genre has been watered down over a long period of time and might be something that a lot of you have deliberately by-passed. This is a genuine shame, there are some really fun games in this genre and it’s actually one of my favourites when things are done well. This game was a success on the PC and there is no reason why it shouldn’t fare well on the Switch too. Definitely worth looking into for puzzle fans amongst you.