Tomb Raider movie to be “a thrill ride” akin to Iron Man, Batman

Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, the pair to brought on to pen the new Tomb Raider movie, have given a few quick hints regarding the direction they’re looking to take the reboot flick.

The Iron Man, Children of Men and Cowboys & Aliens screenwriters say the project has to be “a thrill ride, with a strong character.”

“We really love to write like that. Why does Iron Man work better than others? Because the adventure and romance were pushed in a different direction. So with Tomb Raider, we want to do that,” Fergus said in a recent chat.

“We wanted to start fresh to see her character’s beginnings. I liked the games, I liked the movies, but we really wanted to give Lara Croft that Iron Man/Batman Begins treatment. It’s a good franchise, and we want to bring it to some new crazy place.”

Referencing the first Tomb Raider movie, he added: “When Angelina Jolie walks out in the first frame of that movie, she is who she is. You never have to worry about her, she’s going to be okay. We want to take it back before that. Who was she before? Where she got that confidence?”

“Someone isn’t born that way, they’re made,” Ostby chimed in. “We going to get deep in character.”