Top 10 things needed in World of Warcraft

06. Allow Horde and Alliance guilds to have some type of communication. If nothing else, at least allow horde/alliance guildmasters to communicate verbally.  Through this, horde and alliance guilds could arrange to challenge each other in epic world PvP battles, i.e. “Your guild is horrible at PvP, and to prove it we will destroy in Halaa at 8 pm tonite, meet us there if you’re not scared.”  Before you know it, you may have people regularly trolling these world areas looking for PvP at the “usual times.”

07. Award bonus honor in Battlegrounds for individual accomplishments. Person with the most killing blows, best kills to death ratio, person with most damage done, and person with most healing done.

08. Keep track of your lifetime kill to deaths ratio in Battlegrounds under PvP stats. Limit this to only Battleground kills (or killing blows) to deaths so that ganking in world PvP cannot be used to pad stats.  This could be used by players as bragging rights of their PvP accomplishments.

09. Allow players to have a guildhouse. It can be an instanced building that you go into kind of like the one you go to buy Honor Reward items, except once inside it’s just you and your guildmates.  From there, you could access a common guild “chest,” instead of having the guild “bank.”  This could improve the somewhat lackluster social aspect of large raiding guilds seen today because there is a lot to be said for physically hanging out with guildmates.  It’s nice to have a common designated area that you can go to meet up at, rather than just playing solo and talking on a chat interface to “faceless” people.  The only time a lot of people meet up with their guildmates is a few minutes before going into the occasional raid or premade Battleground, which is pretty sad and all too common.

10. Allow players with one level capped character (80) to start a new character of any class at level 40 or higher. Players who already have a level capped character know how painful it is to start from level 1, running around on foot in the barrens.  Don’t punish them by making them relive it multiple times if they want to experience other classes in the game!  It may be necessary to foster a “learning” period of character abilities and talents by artificially limiting the new character to fewer spells starting at level 1 equivalent and slowly over the course of a few hours of fighting mobs have them learn new skills and talents at a super accelerated rate.  Eventually they could catch up to where a normal character their level would be.