Torchlight MMO still planned, but it’s far off

Gamers hoping to immerse themselves deeper into the Torchlight world will eventually be able to play a Torchlight MMO, but it won’t be for a while.

The news comes from Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer, who recently told Eurogamer that while the developer has some ideas for the MMO, that’s all they are right now…ideas.

“That’s obviously still in the plan. But is it the next thing or is it something beyond that? We just don’t know. We have a lot of good ideas for the MMO, we just aren’t committing to any kind of schedule yet,” he said. ”

“If Torchlight 2 blows up on PC and it’s the biggest thing since sliced bread we’ll probably want to give more attention to that before heading into the MMO world.”

A Torchlight MMO sounds like it would be all kinds of awesome, but the game is a long way off. Best to let Runic do its thing and deliver the game when it’s good and ready.