Transfarring comes to every future Kojima Productions title

Hideo Kojima is a busy man. The Konami figurehead is working on HD updates of both the Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders franchises, along with Metal Gear Solid Rising and his new title running on the Fox Engine.

All of this awesomeness was shown during Konami’s pre-E3 press video, which also detailed “Transfarring”, Kojima’s service that let’s you play PS3 games on PS Vita. During a recent Kojima Productions podcast, the Metal Gear mastermind confirmed that, looking forward, all major titles would support Transfarring.

He said: “We have a plan moving forward, where all of our major titles will have this transfarring functionality. So you’ll buy the next big game from Kojima Productions on PS3, and there’ll also be an NGP version [PSVita] and take it on the go.”

Exciting news, but the big question now is if that means Metal Gear Solid Rising will see a handheld version.