Tribeca Film Festival selects its first ever videogame: L.A. Noire

It’s a tear jerking moment for our industry; L.A. Noire is being honored as an Official Selection at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. It’s the first ever videogame to achieve such recognition.

The game itself will be on display at this year’s festival, with an exclusive presentation taking place on April 25. It will take a look at the making of the title, which was obviously recognised for its devotion to creating a life-like noir setting and story.

Geoff Gilmore, Tribeca Enterprises’ Chief Creative Officer said: “What Rockstar and Team Bondi have accomplished with L.A. Noire is nothing less than groundbreaking. It’s an invention of a new realm of storytelling that is part cinema, part gaming, and a whole new realm of narrative expression, interactivity, and immersion. We are poised on the edge of a new frontier.”

Congrats to L.A. Noire, we can’t wait to get our hands on it in mid-May.