Tropico 5 pre-orders break records at Kalypso


Kalypso is one of those solid game developers that know their audience. So you can expect that when they announced Tropico 5, a lot of fans got pretty excited, including myself. We all know that with the announcement of a new game, we can expect pre-orders.

I personally have some issues with pre-orders, but Kalypso sure did sweeten the deal with tiered rewards based on pre-order numbers on their Steam page. Tropico 5 broke through all the tiers, meaning we all got a copy of Tropico 4 Steam Edition and Omerta – City of Gangsters, 10% off the game, and the first DLC for free when it hits this summer. Heck ya! I was able to gift a friend Tropico 4 so they could experience the joy I had playing it, which is a great move for Kalypso because most of us pre-ordering Tropico 5 probably already own its predecessor.

Kalypso reported today that they have broken their own company records for pre-orders, in that Tropico 5 has already hit 4 times as many pre-orders than Tropico 4. “We have put great passion and almost all available resources into the development and marketing of Tropico 5 and the pre-sales success once again demonstrates the talent and ability of our great teams in Germany, the UK and the USA. We are constantly working to expand our franchises internationally and these figures for Tropico 5 are testament to this,” said Simon Hellwig, Global Managing Director of Kalypso Media.

Tropico 5 will be globally available digitally for PC on May 23rd, and June 3rd for US retail.That means there is still time for you to pre-order the game! If you want all the goodies above, head over to the Tropico 5 Steam Store page.

The Xbox 360 and Mac versions will be available sometime this summer, and the PlayStation 4 version should be available in Fall 2014.