True stereoscopic 3D comes to Unreal Engine

Epic Games has added 3D support to Unreal Engine 3 and the Unreal Development Kit, meaning any developer currently using the tech can implement the third dimension into their games (which isn’t as exciting as it sounds).

This development is possible thanks to a partnership between Epic and tech guys RealD, allowing for true stereoscopic images to leap out of the screen.

“Joining Epic’s partner program puts our technology at the fingertips of any studio interested in creating a premium 3D experience for discerning PC and console gamers,” product John Matthews explained. “This integration also benefits developers of non-gaming UE3 applications, such as training simulations, architectural visualizations, and our Hollywood studio partners looking to enhance their pre-production pipeline.”

SOL: Exodus is the first Unreal game to support the feature. A 3D-enabled version is now up on Steam.