Updated / Ubisoft developing 10 Natal, 4-5 Sony controller games

Update: Here’s the response Guillemot gave when asked how many of the new games are based on existing or new intellectual properties: “I didn’t count the games in fact that are supporting the new functions that those accessories will bring. I was more speaking about casual games that we are doing on those two machines; we can consider that on those games it’s 70 percent new property.”

Original story: During their first-half 2009-10 results call today, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said the company has ten games in the works for Project Natal that will be released within six months of the peripheral’s launch, and four to five titles for Sony’s unnamed motion controller. Guillemot also said 70% of the games will be new intellectual properties.

There was some talk about those being casual games though, we’ll get the exact quote once the audio becomes available.