Ubisoft looking for someone to write Assassin’s Creed encyclopedia

It’s hard keeping up with Desmond and his family. Assassin’s Creed hasn’t been around all that long but there’s already a sprawling universe filled with spin-offs for fans to get involved with.

That’s why Ubisoft are looking for help in writing an Assassin’s Creed encyclopedia. The publisher has put up a job listing for a writer with “excellent English writing skills, an accurate knowledge of the Assassin’s Creed universe and sharp organizational skill” to keep track of all things Assassin’s. Candidates need to write a few sample pieces like character bios to apply, and extra knowledge of real history would be appreciated.

Ubisoft warn that an “enormous” amount of information needs to be processed, but we think they need to take a look at the Metal Gear encyclopedia. That’s an enormous amount of information.