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This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

The Sims 4, made by Electronic Arts, is a popular game made better by using cheat codes. The UI Cheats Extension Mod for The Sims 4 streamlines the use of cheats within the game by doing away with the need to open the console and type different commands to apply cheats. When using the UI Cheats extension, all you have to do is click on in-game objects and selecting the new cheat you want to use.

The UI Cheats Extension Mod is a fantastic mod that makes the gameplay faster and simpler. Have you ever played The Sims 4 for a while but got bored of all the “annoying” parts? This extension does just about everything-it completely changes time, needs, careers, etc., on the spot! With this simple modification to your game, you will have total freedom as you play through your favorite sims’ lives in whatever way you choose.

Why Use the UI Cheats Extension for The Sims 4?

Cheats can be tricky in The Sims 4, but they are also a necessary part of our gameplay. Learning to optimize the use of cheats is vital for playing better and enjoying every moment without any unwanted interruptions. We all cheat not because we want to break the rules or cause harm, but rather just so that we don’t have any disruptions while gaming on our terms!

The UI Cheats extension is straightforward and fun to use. Instead of opening a command console and typing a specific command to enable a cheat in the game, the Sims 4 UI Cheats extension brings the cheats together in one place. If you want to enable a cheat, all you have to do is click on an in-game object and select on of the additional controls found in the UI cheats.

The Sims 4 UI Cheats Extension Mod is a game-changer. Whether you need some money or want to control the needs of your Sims, this tool allows for easy one-click access and functionality, giving you full control, without ever having to type in cheat codes again!


How to Install the UI Cheats extension for The Sims 4

The first thing you need to do is download the game mod from a download page into a new folder on your computer. Once the download is complete, extract the contents of the .zip file into the directory where you keep your mods for The Sims 4. We recommend keeping the Sims 4 UI Cheats Extension folder in an upper-level of the game mods directory.

After extracting the files into the mods folder, launch The Sims 4. The mod will automatically be loaded and functional.

How to Use The Sims 4 UI Cheats Extension on Mac

Many players who enjoy this game on a Mac often believe that the mod is not compatible with their operating system and only works for Windows OS. This common misconception in The Sims community.

The User Interface Cheats Extension Mod is entirely compatible with Mac computers and can be downloaded from your browser as you would on a Windows machine.

When you download the mod, make sure the downloaded file is a version developed for a Mac. After the download is complete, follow the instructions found in the previous section to install the game mod into your mods folder correctly.

How to Use the UI Cheats Sims 4 Mod

A large number of cheats are accessible when using the UI Cheats Extension Mod, but there are a few basic steps to using the Sims 4 UI Cheats extension in the game.

As mentioned above, all you need do is click on an object in-game and select one of the many  sims 4 UI cheats displayed in the pop-up window. You will see different controls depending on whether you are left-clicking or right-clicking on an object.

The best way to discover what The Sims 4 UI Cheats extension is capable of is to experiment on your own by clicking on everything. Test the various cheats, and don’t be afraid to break something in the game.

Although we encourage you to explore the mod and see what you can do, we will delve into some specific functions below. Unfortunately, because there are so many Sims 4 UI cheats available, we will only be able to highlight some of them.

UI Cheats Extension Moodlets

One of the best mods in The Sims 4 is a quick and easy way to control how your moods fluctuate. With just a few clicks, you can quickly change someone’s feelings from happy or contented to angry or sad. You have complete power over what makes them feel good!

This tool is beneficial if one sim is a caretaker for another pregnant sim. They will be able to do whatever it takes to ensure that their loved ones are never burdened with negative emotions, not even when they suffer an intense emotional event like the death of a family member!

UI Cheats: Money

The Sims 4 UI Cheats Extension mod is the most popular way of solving your household funds problems forever in the game. It provides, what we believe to be, some of The Sims 4’s best methods for managing in-game finances and allows your sims to live out their wildest dreams.

You will never have to worry about money again! If you ever need extra money, just click on your bank account, and voila-1000 simoleons appear for a quick fix. The best part is that you can repeat this indefinitely, so in case of an emergency or sudden purchase craving, all it takes is one left-click to quickly create riches.

If any situation arises where you suddenly find yourself running low on cash, there’s always the handy solution of clicking onto your money counter to grab 1000s at random with no questions asked.

If you don’t want just to sit left-clicking all day long, then you can take a little time and right-click your money once. This will cause an interface window to pop up asking for the exact amount of simoleons you desire (any amount goes). You can set household funds as high as desired without having any regrets!

The game includes a security mechanism when you set the value of your funds to negative money. When this happens, it resets your money counter down to zero and starts all over again from scratch unless you give it another try.

Removing money is an excellent way to retain some sense of realism while at the same time being able to play around with different combinations that will make every playthrough unique.

UI Cheats: Sims Relationship Values

If you want to jump-start a relationship with your Sims, there are several different techniques. One is by setting the attraction between them at maximum – this will happen if they have never met before and both of their bars are full, but it can also be done manually. This quick way to build rapport speeds up how fast that connection grows exponentially!

All you have to do is edit the character value meter. You don’t need any particular number for instant success in-game either; 100 or 200 will do just fine depending on what level of experience you’re looking for in terms of relationships (or romance!)

Jobs, Skills, and Aspirations from Script Mods

Skills are another thing that you can alter however you want by clicking on the skill bar. As you can imagine, this is extremely useful for any type of gameplay because skills take a lot of time to develop and level up. And with the Sims 4 UI Cheats extension, you have access to an easy way to max out any skill in one click! This means it takes less time than manually leveling them yourself, which means more fun for everyone involved. However, some people may find controlling their progression difficult because they only want one or two levels instead, so be careful when using these UI cheats!

The same goes for job performance and aspirations. At any given moment, you can max the performance up to 100 if you don’t want to work for it like a normal person. All you need do is right-click on your job icon to promote or demote that skill set whenever needed!

As far as these Aspirations go, When you click on them, they are immediately fulfilled, so no more waiting around for nighttime.


UI cheats Sims 4 - time

The Sims 4 UI Cheats Extension Mod has many great features, including the ability to control time. This feature can be accessed in just one click by clicking on the in game clock at the bottom of your screen and entering an hour you would like to set it. The change will happen almost instantly without anything else changing – everything else remains unchanged!

When you change the time in Sims 4, it may lead to a couple of technical glitches. For example, if your sim is pregnant and about to go into labor but then you fast-forwarded their due date by three days ahead–you’re going to have some problems! The mod doesn’t make any changes except for messing with the game’s mechanics, so when this happens, there isn’t anything that you can do other than changing the time back again and waiting it out.


The Sims 4 UI Cheats Extension Mod is probably the best needs mods you will ever find! With it, you can click and drag on your Sim’s needs bar directly from a menu. Instead of inserting a cheat code to keep all their needs full at any given time, this way, you can do every single one separately.

This has helped in several situations. For example, when a sim’s bladder is low, but they need to use the bathroom during an important conversation, just quickly go into “needs” then click on the bladder, which grants complete control over the needs bar.

Weather and Seasons

The Sims 4 UI Cheats Extension Mod is the perfect way to get your Sim experience just how you want it. With this extension, you can instantly change the weather and season without any fuss, all by clicking the weather icon or season icon!

Right-clicking on any of these icons will open up additional UI cheats that allow for modifying time and temperature and changing seasons with ease.


With thousands of cheats in the Sims 4, one might think it would take an eternity to unlock all of them. But with the Sims 4 UI Cheats feature, you can instantly unlock any perk by just right-clicking on it! This function works for perks from any expansion or game pack, so whether you want a high school diploma or new clothes, there is always something waiting for your Sim courtesy of The Sims 4!!


The Sims 4 UI university cheats are a great way to get ahead in your University efforts. Instead of using the long, arduous process typically involved with cheats for The Universities, you can right-click on anything and instantly complete it! If there’s any task or rank within the experience bar at an organization level – just click the university course icon and watch as time disappears before your eyes while you do something else!

Aging Sims

This mod allows you to take control of your Sims lives. You can either add or subtract days from the current age stage by adjusting the age progress bar, and this won’t just impact their happiness level but also has a significant effect on how often they age up in other stages.

What to Do if the UI Cheats Mod Will Not Work?

There are a few ways to ensure that the Sims 4 UI Cheats extension installs successfully and starts working without errors. Some of these include following all steps mentioned, ensuring your computer is up-to-date with new software patches from Electronic Arts, and making sure you have the current version of the mod. Certain mods may also result in errors. If none of those work but some other error persists, then reinstalling the game may be worth trying. For best results, play legacy edition versions of the game.

The most common reason for failure in the installation process can often be due to an outdated version of the UI Cheats Extension Mod. Usually, all that is needed is an update to the latest version to solve the problem.