UK Charts: Crysis 2 invades, takes lead over 3DS launch titles

Crysis 2 has had a most successful opening weekend in the UK. According to data collector GFK Chart-Track, the Crytek shooter has performed as publisher EA’s biggest launch of 2011 yet, and they’ve already had a few chart-toppers this year with the likes of Dead Space 2 and Dragon Age 2.

The decision to have the sequel target consoles as well as PC was right on the money as well; 57% of sales were generated by Xbox 360 owners as PlayStation 3 audiences grabbed 29%. Only 14% of sales were on PC.

The rest of the chart is littered with launch titles for the 3DS. Only four of the 16 make it into the top 10 though: LEGO Star Wars III (which also launched on other formats) is at #2, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition at #4, Pilotwings Resort at #6, and Rayman 3D at #9.

Top 10 follows.

1. Crysis 2
2. LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
3. Homefront
4. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
5. Pokemon White Version
6. Pilotwings Resort
7. Pokemon Black Version
8. The Sime: Medieval
9. Rayman 3D
10. FIFA 11