Uncharted 3 multiplayer gets balance update

Still playing Uncharted 3‘s competitive modes? Fine news for you, then; Naughty Dog has delivered some balance updates. It’s a fairly short list,  but here we go:

– Changed Mega Bomb kickback from 14 medals to 10 to activate
– Fleet Foot speed levels adjusted
– Increasing the cost of all four paid boosters.
– Ping and Bargain now cost 100K. Untraceable now costs 35K. Explosive Expert now costs 25K.
– Changed Shotgun kickback cost increased by +2 medals
– Changed Creepy Crawler kickback cost lowered by -1 medal
– Fixed the drop of the Patterned Ring at the end of London Underground to work regularly

More changes are promised for later on as well, though no deets on those yet.