Unofficial King’s Quest sequel gets Activision-sanctioned July release

King’s Quest hasn’t been heard from for some time now. Activision holds the rights to the name, and what we have from it is a collection of all the old games available on Steam and a few other sources. Officially, the series has been stagnant.

Unofficially, developer Phoenix Online has been working on a sequel called The Silver Lining. And for quite a while.

In 2005, Vivendi Universal, who held the rights to the franchise, put a cease and desist on the development, halting the game’s progress until enough written backlash got the company to relent and let Phoenix continue on without using King’s Quest in the title. Development continued until Activision took hold of the rights, who then once again halted development just earlier this year. And so it went…

until now; out of nowhere, Phoenix Online has announced that the game will be released episodically starting this July 10 with “What is Decreed Must Be.” Activision is now shockingly ok with the idea, and a developer will finally have something to show for over ten years of work. Looks like the unofficial has become official, and there was much rejoicing. Here’s hoping the game is good!