Vader vs. Yoda happening afterall?

Early this year Namco revealed that both Darth Vader and Yoda will be available as playable characters in Soul Calibur IV but that different versions of the game would get different characters — Vader for the PS3 and Yoda for the 360. Hearts were broken and tears were wept over gamers not being able to see the two clash, but it looks as if the story has a happy ending. GamersReports got their hands on some screenshots and a short video clip of the 360 version of SC4 which suggest that the characters might become available as downloadable content somewhere down the road.

The media shows both Vader and Yoda in the game, in action. Namco has asked the site in question to remove the images since it’s “unauthorized in-development material taken from the game,” but Ripten still has them up. So it looks there’ll be no getting away from the epic battles of Darth Vader vs. Yoda, and judging from the video, round one goes to Yoda.