Valve details 2011 Steam growth; sales up 100% for 7th consecutive year

Valve’s Steam service had quite the 2011. The company put out a release today, outlining a hefty number of accomplishments, the previously noticed 5 million concurrent users milestone among them.

We’ll just go ahead and list it all below in digestible bulletpoint form. In Valve’s own words:

  • Steam now offers 1,800 games to over 40 million accounts
  • Year-over-year unit sales increased by more than 100% for the seventh straight year
  • During the 2011 Holiday Sale Steam’s simultaneous user number eclipsed the 5 million player mark
  • Steam doubled the amount of content delivered in 2011 vs. 2010, serving over 780 Petabytes of data
  • Steam infrastructure more than doubled its service capacity and a new content delivery architecture was deployed to improve user download rates
  • Over 14.5 mil copies of Steamworks games were registered during the year, a 67% increase over 2010
  • Steamworks has shipped in over 400 games
  • Support for in-game item trading prompted the exchange of over 19 million items
  • Free to Play games, launched in June, has spurred the launch of 18 titles on Steam, with more coming in 2012